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West Prairie Village Time Bank

Sunday, April 29th 2018 10:00 AM — 2:00 PM

West Prairie Community Yard Clean-up

It's spring cleaning time!  On Sunday, April 29th we will be coming together to do a community yard clean-up. This is a volunteer run event and we need lots of hands on deck. Clean up your yard or if that's already done help your neighbor by raking, trimming shrubs, bushes, trees, etc. Please put the yard waste in trash cans or garbage bags next to the curb and management and staff will come pick it up and haul it off for you.

Need assistance from others?  Let us know. Able to help others? Let us know. 

Yard waste includes:  Leaves, grass trimmings, weeds, brush, prunings, bark, pine needles, pine cones, sod less than 3 inches thick (shake out rocks and dirt) and woody materials up to 3 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length. Note: Dirt is not considered yard waste.

If you clean up ahead of time, please make sure the yard waste is in cans or bags that are sealed tight so that we aren't paying for water weight at the disposal site.